Powered Heated Towing Mirror (Left)15-18 Ford F150
Pulling a loaded trailer stresses the tow vehicle and also stresses the driver. One stress point is visibility, which tends to be restricted toward the rear. Towing mirrors help solve that concern by extending the mirror glass further away from the car’s body. At CA Auto Parts, we feature a complete lineup of towing mirrors, which can replace existing towing mirrors or can upgrade factory non-towing mirrors. Our mirrors are of OE-equivalent quality, and include all the same mirror functions as are on your rig now.

Specifics and Features:

  • Brand New In Original Box, Never Been Tried On & Used
  • Exactly The Same As Picture!
  • Towing / Camper Style Mirror Assembly! Not Only Cover!
  • Make It Easier To Monitor The Rear Side View For Your Trailer Or Camper
  • The Mirror Extends Outward to Its Towing Position and Back Again as The Driver Pushes or Pulls on It
  • Mirror Glass is Electrically Adjusted to Its Desired Postion Via a Control From The Driver’s Seat
  • The Mirror Can Be Electrically Heated, Which Serves as a Deicing Function, and Also Works as a Defrosting and Defogging Feature
  • A Built-In Amber LED Signal Light Increases Safety By Providing Additional Information to Other Drivers About Your Intended Direction
  • White LED Lights Shine Downward From Under The Mirror Housing, Providing Illumination When Entering and Exiting The Vehicle
  • The Upper Half of The Housing Has a Chrome Cover While The Bottom Half is Black Textured ABS Plastic
  • Interchange Part Number: FL3Z17683AC
  • Other Part Number: FO1320516

    Package Includes:

  • 1 X Towing Mirrors (Left/Driver Side)
  • Hardware as Shown

    Compatible with:

  • 2015-2018 Ford F-150
  • Only Fit Models with 22 Pin Plug. Does not Fit 8 Pin Plug Models